New Releases – October 26, 2021

It’s the last Tuesday of the month and we’re sending October off with some great books at The Haunted Book Shop!


We know a lot of Wimpy Kid fans will be excited about this! Jeff Kinney is back with Diary of a Wimpy Kid #16: Big Shot! After a disastrous performance at field day, Greg decides it’s time to retire from sports. But when his mom convinces him to try out for basketball, Greg finds himself with a spot on the worst team. Will they even win a game? Will Greg make a shot?

Bestselling author Rick Riordan brings readers on an adventure in Daughter of the Deep, his modern take on Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. When high school freshman Ana and her classmates witness a terrible accident on their way to their big trial at sea, Ana has no idea that they found their way into fighting a war with a rival school that threatens to turn them into fish food. Riordan fans will enjoy this tale full of adventure, intrigue, and a little humor.

Dinosaur Ultimate Handbook is THE guide for the dinosaur-loving curious kid in your life! Containing a complete list of all dinosaur species found to date, this guide includes statistics, illustrations, information on habitats and diet, and comparison charts to help determine your Stegosaurus from your Spinosaurus, Jurassic from Triassic, and carnivores from herbivores!

“While kids write notes to Santa Claus, Sharks line up for Santa Jaws. They tell him all their Christmas wishes. Santa thinks they sound delicious!”

So begins Santa Jaws by Bridget Heos and Galia Bernstein! Santa Jaws celebrates Christmas under the sea, delivering presents and spreading cheer to all his fellow sharks. Kids will enjoy this new twist on classic holiday traditions!


I know we just talked about a Christmas book but it IS still Halloween season and we have some spooky stuff coming out this week, starting with Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book 1! It is 12,090 A.D. and the aristocratic vampire lords known as Nobles have inherited the world. The Nobles are hunted by the one who is half them—a dhampir, the unearthly beautiful wanderer known as D. This collection brings together the first three volumes in author Hideyuki Kikuchi’s adventure horror series: Vampire Hunter DRaiser of Gales, and Demon Deathchase. Illustrated by Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, this book will bring you into the story from the beginning!


Atlas of Dark Destinations by Peter Hohenhaus is perfect for those travel enthusiasts who like to add a little fright to their adventures! Hohenhaus visited and photographed all 300 places featured in the book and brings his knowledge and expertise to every page. From nuclear bunkers to eerie catacombs and more, those interested in dark tourism will be packing up the suitcase and setting off on their next eerie adventure soon after reading this book!

Fun & Games

If you want something a little calmer to do this Halloween, maybe staying home with this World of Dracula Puzzle is for you! This 1000 piece puzzle features gorgeous illustrations by Adam Simpson of all your favorite characters and key scenes from the story. Put a Dracula audiobook on your headphones and eat your Halloween candy as you put the pieces of this puzzle together!


Rhythm of War is the latest book in bestselling author Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive Series! Book 4 picks up with Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant having spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. With neither side gaining any advantage, new technological discoveries by Kholin’s scholars could change the face of the war. But the enemy may have other plans in the form of a bold and dangerous operation. That’s not all the action – the Windrunners are facing their own problems. As more and more deadly enemy Fused awaken to wage war, no more honorspren are willing to bond with humans to increase the number of Radiants.

Science Fiction

The Wandering Earth brings together ten of Cixin Liu’s short stories into this collection that together are a “blazingly original ode to planet Earth, its pasts, and its futures.” Liu’s stories take readers to the edge of the universe and to the end of time with characters who attempt to reason, navigate, and survive in an unknown, punishing world. This collection includes the title story, which is the basis for a movie now streaming on Netflix.


Award-winning journalist Tamron Hall kicks off a thrilling new mystery series with As the Wicked Watch. Jordan Manning is a crime reporter who leaves her Texas hometown to take a job at a Chicago TV station. Known for being first on the scene, Jordan tries to do two things in her work – break the big stories and give voice to the voiceless. As she is trying to establish herself (and navigate a tumultuous personal life) Jordan finds herself covering the murders of two assaulted young girls. Suspecting the murders are connected, Jordan must unravel the disturbing mysteries surrounding the deaths, deemed the work of a serial killer terrorizing Chicago.


Need a break from the kiddos? Horizontal Parenting: How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down is the laugh-out-loud book from Michelle Woo that features” 50 hilarious and effective activities designed to entertain kids while you lie down.” With games like “What’s on my Butt? and “Railroad to Relaxation,” parents everywhere will get a laugh out of Woo’s ideas and Dasha Tolstikova’s hilarious illustrations. And who knows, maybe the kids will be entertained after all!

Mind & Body

Now available in paperback, Juliet Diaz’s Plant Witchery “initiates readers following the current witchy trends of herbal medicine and magic into a deeper, wilder connection with the ancient healing power of over 200 plants.” Readers will learn about the essential, magical, and medicinal properties of herbs, flowers, trees, and fruits along with rituals, spells, potions and more.

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New Releases – October 19, 2021

When your birthday falls on a Tuesday (AKA, New Release Day) like mine (Aimee’s) does today, it’s like getting a ton of gifts from the book universe. Take a look at what special surprises came to The Haunted Book Shop this week!

Local Author Release!

We are so excited for local author Gabriella Saab’s debut novel The Last Checkmate! If you binged The Queen’s Gambit earlier this year, you will love this book! Maria, a young Polish resistance worker imprisoned in Auschwitz during World War II, plays chess matches to spare her life. In doing so, she fights to bring the man who destroyed her family to justice. Gabriella was so gracious to provide The Haunted Book Shop with signed copies of The Last Checkmate, so be sure to come by (or order) a copy!


When you work in a shop with a name like The Haunted Book Shop, it’s no surprise that people come in wanting spooky, haunting ghost stories. The Wrong Turning: Encounters with Ghosts is sure to fit that bill! Edited by Stephen Johnson, this collection includes stories of ghostly encounters spanning world literature, from Europe to Russia, from the United States to China. Enjoy old favorites and discover new scary stories in this collection!

Fans of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe will find familiar characters and questions in Patti Callahan’s Once Upon a Wardrobe. Megs Devonshire is driven to solve the great mysteries of physics, with her talents with numbers and equations taking her all the way to Oxford on a scholarship. But with her beloved younger brother George facing a terminal illness, Megs finds herself seeking answers for George that defy logic – namely, where Narnia, the land from George’s favorite book, came from. Follow along as Megs searches for answers and hope in this story about sibling bonds and family love.


A creepy story of a haunted house and steeped in Japanese folklore, Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw is a spine-tingling adventure that will stay with you long after the book ends. A bride-to-be has always dreamed of getting married in a haunted house and jumps at the chance to spend a weekend with friends in an abandoned Heian mansion rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a woman whose fiancé died before they could marry. The woman buried herself alive and forces a girl to be buried with her every year to keep her company. As the weekend devolves from fun and games into something more sinister, it seems that there might be more to the story than just rumors. Readers are sure to squirm at this lyrical, twisting story of grief, relationships, and the consequences of our actions.


Jen DeLuca’s Well Matched find soon-to-be empty nester (and single mom) April Parker looking to move on from her little town. She calls on old friend Mitch Malone to help her get the house ready to sell. Mitch agrees – as long as April will go with him to a family dinner and pretend to be his girlfriend. After dinner turns into a weekend, the plan goes off without a hitch and the two return to real life. But when April volunteers at the local Ren Faire (where Mitch is known for his kilt and toned abs) and runs into Mitch’s family, the game is on again. But could there actually be something here? You’ll have to pick up a copy and find out!

Science Fiction

Now available in paperback, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini finds main character Kira on a routine space mission to an uncolonized planet. When she discovers an alien relic she is initially excited, but excitement soon turns to fear as the ancient dust around her begins to move. Soon war breaks out among the stars and Kira must grapple with her own horrors as Earth and its colonies face annihilation.


It’s near impossible to defeat a mighty hero who won’t stay dead, as Monster Guild: The Dark Lord’s (No-Good) Comeback Vol. 1 shows us. The Dark Lord is stuck in a loop where he battles a good guy who won’t stay dead, and he finally loses the fight and meets his own end…or so it would seem. The Dark Lord actually saved himself by putting his soul into an empty vessel, and now he’s about to stage his own comeback. Weak but determined, he recruits his newfound fellowship of misfits—a slime, an orc, an ifrit, and a dark elf— to help him rebuild his evil empire, one bumbling step at a time.

Young Adult

I think I’ll let The Haunted Book Shop’s Candice introduce Lauren Blackwood’s Within These Wicked Walls: “I had immediate grabby hands for this debut when I learned it combined Jane Eyre gothic chills with Ethiopian Evil Eye folklore.” Andromeda was trained as as a debtera — an exorcist who cleanses houses of evil spirits — though her mentor refuses to license her officially. When the handsome young heir Magnus Rochester reaches out to hire her, she jumps at the chance. But the house, and Magnus, are hiding secrets far beyond what Andromeda ever imagined. Beginning to fall in love with Magnus, Andromeda knows that staying means risking death. But leaving doesn’t feel like an option either. See what happens in this engrossing fantasy retelling of a classic story!


Caela Carter’s Fifty-Four Things Wrong with Gwendolyn Rogers is a young girl named – what else- Gwendolyn Rogers. Gwendolyn has a lot of problems but no one seems to be able to get to the bottom of them. But Gwendolyn knows there is not just one problem, but 54 problems, according to a confidential school report she found while snooping. If she wants to go to horse camp with her half-brother Tyler, Gwendolyn must figure out how get these 54 problems under control. Follow along as Gwendolyn finds her way in this personal story of patience, support, and determination in finding a diagnosis for developmental issues that oftentimes get ignored.

The latest entry in the popular Who Would Win? series, Ultimate Reptile Rumble pits sixteen different reptiles against each other in one epic fight! Readers will learn about each reptile’s anatomy, behavior and more through photos, illustrations, and facts. You’ll be excited to see who comes out on top!

Join Phoebe on her latest adventure in Unicorn Playlist: Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure! Best friends Phoebe and Marigold march to their own beat, but it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns for the pair. With drama at school and the other problems of the world, Phoebe doesn’t understand why unicorns can’t be in charge of the world instead of people. But Marigold brings magic to every day, introducing Phoebe to unicorn magic, crashing a goblin party, and finding long-lost family members like Infernus, the (surprisingly adorable) Unicorn of Death. Come along with this dynamic duo as they play all the hits!


In 2013, film and culture critic Zeba Blay was one of the first people to coin the viral term #carefreeblackgirls on Twitter. As she says, it was “a way to carve out a space of celebration and freedom for Black women online.” In Carefree Black Girls: A Celebration of Black Women in Popular Culture, Blay expands on this idea through a series of essays that examine “the work and lasting achievements of influential Black women in American culture–writers, artists, actresses, dancers, hip-hop stars–whose contributions often come in the face of bigotry, misogyny, and stereotypes.”


I don’t think I could introduce Megan Lynn Kott’s Pawmistry: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe with Cats better than this: It is a “tongue-in-cheek guide to the feline oracle and the supernatural signs your cat may leave behind…this playful and informative book offers instruction in a number of types of divination to practice with your cat, where messages and portents may be delivered by scattered cat toys, particular tail positions, and sleeping on your face.” Intrigued? Wondering what messages your cat might be trying to tell you? Better pick up a copy today!

Fun & Games

Austen fans will enjoy playing their favorite card games with these Jane Austen Playing Cards! Featuring gorgeous illustrations of all your favorite characters, the traditional four suits are themed on character traits, with hearts for Heroes and Heroines (like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy) and spades for Fools and Bores. The pack also includes instructions for playing some of the card games featured in Austen’s novels!

Mind & Body

Discover how to use the moon as a cosmic timer with Moonology Manifestations, a magical 48-card oracle from bestselling Moonologer Yasmin Boland. Featuring beautiful cosmic collage imagery, each card explains what you’re bringing into your life, and how and when to supercharge your manifesting powers to achieve what you most desire. 

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