New Releases – September 14, 2021

It’s New Release Day and we have some great reads coming into The Haunted Bookshop!

Young Adult


In this gothic fantasy debut from Cyla Panin, Stalking Shadows follows two sisters, Marie and Ama. Marie mixes and sells perfumes; she hopes it will be enough to establish a dowry for Ama to marry well. Some of her potions are more than just pretty scents in bottles, though, and when things go awry Marie must venture to the mansion where Ama was cursed all those years ago. Come for the mystery, stay for the sisterly bonds!


Described as “The Haunting of Hill House meets Get Out,” White Smoke is psychological YA thriller from best-selling author Tiffany D. Jackson. Mari doesn’t want to move with her blended family to a new house in Cedarville, and it seems the house doesn’t want her there either. Creepy things begin happening in the house upon arrival. When Mari’s brother almost dies in a fire, she takes it upon herself to investigate the home and the town.


Apples Never Fall is the latest from Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty! The Delaneys are a picture-perfect family, staples in their community. After selling their famed tennis academy, parents Stan and Joy are looking towards retirement and future grandchildren. But underneath the sunny exterior, the two are miserable. When Joy disappears, the four Delaney siblings are split. Two believe Stan had something to do with it, two aren’t so sure. See what happens as the sides square off to solve the mystery.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead is back with Harlem Shuffle, a novel full of heists and shakedowns in 1960s Harlem. To most, Ray Carney is an upstanding citizen, a salesman making a nice life for himself and his family. But there are hidden secrets and the cracks begin to show Ray’s more shady past. As money gets tight, Ray finds himself in over his head. Fans new and old will surely enjoy Whitehead’s blend of family saga and crime novel!


Empire of the Vampire is the first volume in Jay Kristoff’s newest dark fantasy saga. Featuring pages of amazing illustrations, the story follows Gabriel de Leon, the last remaining silversaint, a holy brotherhood dedicated to defending their realm and church from creatures of the night. When Gabriel is imprisoned by these monsters, he realizes he must tell his story of battles, forbidden love, and faith and friendships lost.

Already popular in the U.K., Mordew is the first book in a new inventive and epic fantasy series from Alex Pheby. Nathan is a young boy of lowly station scraping together survival when his mother sells him to the Master of Mordew, a mysterious creature who derives his powers from the corpse of God buried in the catacombs beneath the town. But Nathan has his own strength, a strength greater than the Master’s and a threat to all he has built. As the Mordew begins to scheme against him, Nate must navigate betrayals, secrets, and more in this twisting adventure.

Published for the first time in hardcover, When Sorrows Come is the 15th novel in the award-winning October Daye urban fantasy series. October, better known as “Toby,” is supposed to get married. But the occasion keeps getting delayed as Toby finds herself needing to solve all the kingdom’s problems. When it eventually looks like the wedding will happen, Toby instead must help thwart a plot to overthrow the High Court. This version features an all-new novella from Seanan McGuire that fans are sure to enjoy!


Cixin Liu’s To Hold Up the Sky is a short-story collection that takes readers “from the coal mines of China to the final frontier.” The stories will transport readers through time, space, and imagination.


Sophie Hannah continues the story of Agatha Christie’s famed detective Hercule Poirot in The Killings at Kingfisher Hill. Poirot receives a call from Richard Devonport, asking him to prove his wife, Helen, is innocent in the murder of his brother, Frank. As Poirot travels to the Kingfisher estate, he faces not only to save Helen from the gallows in a matter of days, but the mystery of another murder that followed a strange incident on the passenger coach. Will Poirot uncover all the secrets? Read to find out!


A Lot Like Adios is the latest romance from best-selling author Alexis Daria. Michelle may be a talented graphic designer but as a single girl, she’s the black sheep in her marriage-obsessed Puerto Rican-Italian family. When her former best friend and crush Gabe reluctantly comes back to town to open a New York City branch of his popular celebrity gym, Michelle is asked to work on the project. As she tries to keep Gabe at arms length, old feelings resurface. What happens next? Pick up the book and find out!

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood brings together science and romance! Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith doesn’t believe in love but is desperate to get her best friend Anh off her back. In a panic, she kisses the first guy she sees. That guy happens to be Adam Carlsen, a young, hot-shot professor with an arrogant reputation. Olive is amazed when Adam agrees to keep up the dating charade. But of course, nothing goes to plan, even for a team of scientists.


Grumpy Monkey is bringing us a dose of Christmas in September with Grumpy Monkey: Oh No! Christmas! It’s Christmas time in the jungle but Jim Panzee just can’t get in the holiday spirit. So what is a Grumpy Monkey to do? With the help of his friend Norman, Jim tries to find a way to join the jungle in their joy.

Pete the Cat: Making New Friends by Kimberly and James Dean introduces early readers to the world of graphic novel storytelling and visual literacy! Secret Agent Meow, also known as Pete the Cat, meets a lonely squirrel looking for new friends. The two team up to solve the case in this fun adventure!

Ever wondered what to call a group of elephants or skunks? You’ll learn all that and more in A Troop of Kangaroos: A Book of Animal Group Names, written and illustrated by Lisa Mundorff! Curious kids will love learning fun animal facts accompanied by eye-catching illustrations. And in case you were wondering, it is a parade of elephants and a stench of skunks!

The Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna by Alda P. Dobbs takes place in 1913 during the Mexican Revolution. Twelve-year-old Petra is dealing with the death of her mother when her papa is dragged away by soldiers. Petra vows to care for her siblings, little sister Amelia and baby brother Luisito, and her abuelita until they can be reunited. As the family flees north, Petra holds onto her “barefoot dreams” – those dreams her abuelita says aren’t meant to go far. But Petra refuses to give up.

Last Kids on Earth and the Doomsday Race is the seventh book of the bestselling series from Max Brallier! Jack Sullivan and his gang are headed towards the Tower, a mysterious place where they must finally stop Rezzoch the Ancient, Destructor of Worlds, before he descends upon their dimension. First, though, they are sidetracked by the Mallusk, an enormous centipede monster who carries not only the world’s largest shopping mall on his back – he also carries Mallusk City, where old friends and foes await the gang. Action and adventure will surely abound!

Bear is a Bear by Jonathan Stutzman is a touching tale about the friendship between a young girl and Bear, a protector, dreamer, and fellow mischief-maker. With gorgeous illustrations by Dan Santat, readers will enjoy this tribute to all of our beloved childhood companions.

What’s in Your Pocket: Collecting Nature’s Treasures by Heather L. Montgomery introduces young readers to nine scientists who got their start as kids exploring the outdoors and collected “treasures” like fossils and seedpods in their pockets. Alongside illustrations by Maribel Lechuga, readers will love seeing how pockets full of treasures led to big dreams and big discoveries!



Famed science writer Mary Roach is back with Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law, examining how wildlife and humans collide in a myriad of ways. Combining forensic science and conservation genetics, Roach uses research and observation to teach readers about human interaction with nature’s lawbreakers. Readers are sure to enjoy Roach’s signature humor while learning about the illegal, unethical, and sometimes murderous ways humans and wildlife collide.


When George Washington became president in 1789 he embarked on a journey across the thirteen original colonies to talk with citizens about the newly-formed government and to create the sense that everyone was, first and foremost, Americans. Nathaniel Philbrick took a similar journey in 2018 and documented it all in Travels with George: In Search of Washington and His Legacy. Through dual perspectives, readers learn about Washington’s 18th century journey alongside Philbrick’s 21st century one in this insightful chronicle of an adventure.


The creators of the popular website Black Nerd Problems, William Evans and Omar Holmon, bring their insights to the page in Black Nerd Problems: Essays! In this collection of essays, Evans and Holmon take on a number of topics, from pop culture touchstones like Mario Kart and The Wire, to more serious topics like representation and police brutality. This collection will surely enthrall anyone who loves a blend of social commentary and all things nerdy.

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