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HBS’s own Alex was so excited for this release he circled the date on our shop calendar and wrote an excellent blog post all about it! In A Heart Divided, the fourth and final installment of the Legends of the Condor Heroes series, Guo Jing must make a pivotal decision – remain loyal to his homeland or keep faith with surrogate father figure Genghis Khan? Affairs of the heart abound as well as Guo Jing grapples with the chance that his love’s father murdered someone close to him. What happens next? How will the series conclude? Read to find out! (P.S. you can find Books 1-3 here, here, and here)

Attention Game of Thrones fans! Fire & Blood tells the history of House Targaryen, set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones. Fire & Blood begins with Aegon the Conqueror, creator of the Iron Throne, as House Targaryen establishes themselves on Dragonstone and Westeros. Get caught up before the prequel series House of the Dragons airs on HBO next year!


When main character JJ Jacobson convinced his mom to take an all-expenses-paid weekend at the Barclay Hotel, he expected a low-key weekend of ghost hunting at the legendarily haunted hotel. But when his mother is accused of the hotel owner’s death, JJ and new friends Penny and Emma must solve the mystery – and maybe encounter a ghost or two- in Midnight at the Barclay Hotel by Fleur Bradley.

Great for early readers who love the My Little Pony movie, Ponies Unite will introduce new characters while providing an opportunity to improve reading and vocabulary skills.

Fiction – Short Stories

Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman brings together some of the famed author’s short stories with beautiful watercolors by artist Henry Sene Yee to create this beautiful collection. Readers will enjoy ghost stories, fairy tales, and fables full of miracles, terror, and amusement in this celebration of Gaiman’s work.

Fiction – Romance

The first book in Sarah MacLean’s Hell’s Belles series, Bombshell introduces Lady Sesily Talbot, a woman choosing to embrace her scandal-prone reputation. Caleb Calhoun, her brother’s best friend, wishes he could get Sesily out of his head. Caleb tasks himself with keeping Sesily out of trouble during her late night escapades, but he realizes he may be in over his head. Read on to see how this series develops!

Fiction – Mystery

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache returns in Louise Penny’s latest mystery. The Madness of Crowds find Gamache trying to enjoy the winter season in Three Pines when he is asked to provide security for a visiting professor giving a lecture at a nearby university. But when Gamache learns about the professor, he implores the university to cancel. When they do not, citing academic freedom, Gamache finds himself fighting for truth and facts against delusion, alongside trying to solve a murder with his second-in-command Jean-Guy Beauvoir.


If you wanted to learn more about the man Hamilton called “America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman,” this is the book for you. In Hero of Two Worlds, Mike Duncan takes readers through Marquis de Lafayette’s revolutionary career fighting on both sides of the Atlantic as a soldier, statesman, idealist, philanthropist, and abolitionist. From his teenage years, when he ran away from France to join the American Revolution, to helping launch the French Revolution and sparring with Napoleon, readers will enjoy learning more about the life and times of Lafayette.

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