Happy 2-Year Anniversary to Us!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two years since we officially opened our doors on Artwalk night in October 2018! When I first realized I’d be able to open this store, I remember thinking the day would never come; I was so excited to share with you my vision and the stock I’d accumulated that summer.

Along the way, we’ve made many new friends and regulars, as well as adjusting the stock selections based on your preferences. Two years ago, it was just me operating the store, and now I have Alex on full-time, and Candice and Courtney part-time. We also now have a bookstore cat, Mr. Bingley!

We also have an honorary employee in Ms Coco, who shares her artistic vision each month by decorating one of the display windows for artwalk, though we had to postpone that during the months we were closed. She’ll be unveiling a new window this Friday for the first time since March!!

I couldn’t be happier with the community that we have created with all of you, and we certainly wouldn’t be still here without all of your support along the way!

It’s such a pleasure to come in every day and talk books with our customers and to hear the excited squeals of kids when they see we have a fave. We still have so many more exciting plans that we haven’t been able to implement, but we’ll get there.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!



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