Last Chance to get an enamel pin with a Pre-Order of A KILLING FROST

The 14th installment in Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series is coming September 1st and the author is doing a limited run of enamel pins for those who pre-order through an indie bookstore like ours! So if you’re a McGuire fan, and would like a pin, be sure to pre-order before Monday as I have to give her the final count then!


Now in hardcover, the fourteenth novel of the Hugo-nominated, New York Times-bestselling Toby Daye urban fantasy series

When October is informed that Simon Torquill—legally her father, due to Faerie’s archaic marriage traditions—must be invited to her wedding or risk the ceremony throwing the Kingdom in the Mists into political turmoil, she finds herself setting out on a quest she was not yet prepared to undertake for the sake of her future…and the man who represents her family’s past.

Story Locale: San Francisco/Faerie

Series Overview: This New York Times bestselling series follows changeling knight and sometime P.I. Toby Daye through the streets of San Francisco and into the mercurial world of Faerie.

Contributor Bio(s)
Seanan McGuire is a Hugo, Nebula, and Locus award-winning author. October Daye is her first urban fantasy series, and InCryptid her second, both of which have put her on the New York Times bestseller list. She is the first person to be nominated for five Hugo Awards in a single year.

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