We’re Easing Back Open — New Hours and Updated Restrictions

We are back open for limited hours and some restrictions

It feels like it’s been a looooong time since our closing for COVID back in March. Since then we’ve been keeping our customers supplied with books via shipping, home delivery and curbside pickup. About a month ago, we started opening the store to those of you who booked an appointment and if there were no appointments, we allowed walkins as long as the group were part of their “bubble family.”

I won’t lie, it’s been a tough couple of months, but we’ve survived, thanks to you! We even have a new addition: MR. BINGLEY our new bookstore cat!

I figured this was a good time to get him acclimated to the store without a lot of traffic at first. He’s adjusted well, sleeps in the front window a lot, and greets most customers when they come in (he will run to a box and meow for pets).

Starting this week, Alex has now been coming every day and we instituted new hours and eased up a little on some of our restrictions.

The New Hours and Restrictions

Without all the tourists, the hours and days we’re busy have morphed, so we’ve temporarily changed our hours of operation to:

MONDAY 11 – 6
TUESDAY 11 – 6
FRIDAY 11 – 6
SUNDAY closed

You can still come later, you just need to book an appointment to reserve the store. You can come during these hours and we’ll be here (I now have Alex helping me cover hours) and we’ll allow up to eight people in the store at a time, provided they’re wearing non-valved masks and keep six feet apart. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the space with other customers yet, we understand: we suggest you book an appointment in that case, as appointments get the whole store to themselves. Be aware that if someone has reserved the store, we can’t allow you in until they leave, even if it’s during the hours posted above. If you want to come down without making an appointment and want to make sure it’s not reserved, you can call us.

Contactless Delivery and Pickup

We are still doing deliveries to the downtown and midtown areas, and you can also do curbside pickup. Browse and buy from our selection online and choose which option you’d like!

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for your continued support!

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