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Reader Meet Writer, Southern Edition

Ruby McConnell

Let us deliver authors to your living room. The next author in the Southern Edition series is Ruby McConnell. Ruby McConnell will be talking with us about their newest book Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life and answering your questions. Ruby McConnell is one of many authors we’ll be bringing into your living room.

Ruby McConnell’s newest book Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life will be released by Overcup Press in April 2020. McConnell is a registered geologist and outdoor adventurer who writes about nature, art, and culture with a particular emphasis on the intersection of the environment and human experience.

A recipient of numerous honors, including the Literary Arts Oregon Literary Fellowship, McConnell has written extensively about the Pacific Northwest and the environment in scientific and literary journals. She is the author of two previous titles, A Girl’s Guide to the Wild and A Woman’s Guide to the Wild, and lives in Oregon with her husband, Paul.

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Date: 6/2/2020
Time: 4:00:00 PM CST
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Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life

Ruby McConnell morphs natural history and memoir to portray the forces and landscapes that have helped shape a region and the people who live in it. Challenging the notions of the region, McConnell explores the Northwest and the decades-long struggle over resources since the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. St. Helens in May 1980.

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