What Books Did You Love Most as a Child?

This week is Children’s Book Week, when we celebrate the joy of reading and connection of children’s literature. Established in 1919, it’s the longest running literacy initiative is the US and because of the coronavirus curtailment, it’s reformatted this year to keep us all safely apart. Follow along with #BookWeek2020atHome and be sure to Read. Dream. Share.

Kid’s books are a powerful thing. The ideas and perspectives and places and possibilities help shape children into the adult they will become.

To also kick off our new blog series, Ghost in the Shelves: Get to Know Us we took a meander down memory lane to share our favorite childhood books with you.

“I was enamored by all the L. Frank Baum Oz books like Ozma of Oz and Tik-Tok of Oz–the world’s were so fantastic and I couldn’t get enough. I also was an avid reader of The Hardy Boys and, to a lesser extent, Nancy Drew. ” –Angela

“James Howe’s Bunnicula. It’s an adorable premise. Harold the Dog’s easygoing narration is a nice contrast to the spooky parts, and I think Chester the Cat ‘staking’ the drained vegetables with a toothpick instead of waiting to see what happens is a proactive and even modern take. (And secretly a good lesson for kids: If you’re worried something is going to happen, take steps to be ready/stop it/etc, rather than wring your hands and dread.)” –Alex

“I loved mysteries. The twist and turns and attention to details in Encyclopedia Brown, Cam Jansen, Baby-sitters Club Mysteries, Sweet Valley High Super Thrillers and of course the daring, smart, red-headed super sleuth of them all, Nancy Drew.” –Candice

Now we want to know, what books did you love most as a kid?

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