Pre-Order Carrie Dalby’s latest in her Perilous Confessions series

Scarred Memories, Book #4 in her Perilous Confessions series, comes out in paperback next week. Pre-order one now so we can be sure to order enough. The first 5 to pre-order will get a cover art magnet. We’ll also work with Carrie to get them signed for you.


Lucy is her own worst enemy.

She loves her husband, Frederick, and longs to be a good mother to their daughter, Phoebe. Still, her heart aches for her true love, Alexander, who died years before. In the books she writes of love and loss, she envisions herself back in Alexander’s arms, reveling in the second chance she thought fate too cruel to allow them.

As Lucy flounders, the family hires a young aid for her to lean on.

Darla is eager to please her new employers, and quickly takes to juggling Phoebe’s care with that of a very pregnant Lucy. But when she discovers her younger cousin has become the object of desire for a traveling violinist, a fire ignites within her to protect what little family she has left.

Both women find their lives part of an intricately interlaced tapestry, one that will unravel all that they have worked for with the smallest snag.

Author Carrie Dalby delivers yet another masterpiece with Scarred Memories. This character-driven saga is a haunting look into the tumultuous secrets families bury deep.

Pre-Order on our website to get a signed copy and if you’re one of the first five to do so, you’ll get a magnet of the book cover

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