We’re Helping the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny has enlisted our store to help flatten the curve! To minimize spread of the virus, we’re helping the furry friend to distribute baskets on Sunday morning, right to your front porch!

So that I can tell the Easter Bunny which households we’ll cover, just go to our website and choose the books and gifts you’d like us to put in the basket and then select which basket you want.

Step One

Shop our website and fill up your cart with books and gifts. Here’s some ideas:

Step Two

Add the Easter Basket to your Cart and choose whether you want Basic or Deluxe. The description on that page says what’s included. Please note that this does NOT dictate the SIZE of the basket–that’s dependent on how much space we’ll need for what you buy to put in it (like shopping bags). So if it’s a small book and a deck of cards, for instance, it will go in the small basket pictured, even if you order Deluxe.

Step 3

Before you hit Checkout, you’ll see that it’s defaulting to pickup. If you live in Midtown or Downtown (basically inside the circle created by I-10, I-65, I-165 and the Mobile River) and want me to deliver it Sunday morning, click on “change” next to where it gives the Pickup time and address and choose “Delivery.” If you live across the Bay or west of I-65, then you can leave it at the default for curbside pickup.


Q: What if I have more than one child?
A: No problem! Just put your whole order in the cart and choose the quantity of baskets. Then after you put in your card, but before you hit Complete Order (in the section labeled “Review and Submit Order”), there’s a Note to Seller field–use it to tell me which items go in which baskets. For example: “Basket 1 gets the Who Is book and the deck of cards and Basket 2 gets the Activity book and the other deck of cards”

Q: What does the basket cost cover?
A: Full disclosure–these are not premium brand chocolates or baskets. Basically it covers the cost of the chocolates, the basket, the fake grass, and the plastic eggs, as well as the time and labor of putting it together and delivering them Sunday morning, and the gas to deliver them. The Deluxe just has glittery eggs (and 2 more than the Basic) and a cheap, kid-friendly trinket from DollarTree.


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