We’re starting virtual “office hours”

As we continue to adapt and evolve to being an online-only store for now while we weather this pandemic, we’re trying to think of ways to still be there for you in the world of books. It’s heartbreaking not having all of your voices and laughter and the excited kid voices in the store. We started posting video tours of the store for you to get your “fix” but we know that isn’t the same. So we had an idea–why not have Zoom “office hours” that we post and for those who want to drop in, can do so and chat with us. We’ll be on regardless during that time to see each others’ faces and voices and we’d love to have you join us too! Even if it’s just to say hi and let us know how you’re doing! Or if you loved the last book Alex recommended to you and now want another recommendation. Or you have kids who need books and would like to ask Candice for a recommendation. Or you’re looking for a good Romance to escape into and want Angela to weigh in — we’re here for you!

In a quick Zoom call we had today, we decided to call these “Virtual Countertop” sessions, but if you have a better name, we’re open to suggestions!

Join us for our first Virtual Countertop session this Thursday at 4 PM CST. To get the Zoom invite, just email us at info@thehauntedbookshopmobile.com and put VIRTUAL COUNTERTOP in the subject heading and we’ll send you an invite!


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