Reading on the Cheap

From the comfy reading spot!

Book nerd Alex here. Looking for something to read? Or maybe you want something different? Here’s some some resources to get you through these hard times, legally available for free!

The Mobile County Public Library allows you to check out e-books and audiobooks, among others. Find out more here at their page:

Project Gutenberg is an online library dedicated to putting classics and out-of-copyright works for free online. Maybe get around to reading some improving literature you’ve wanted to, or maybe you’ll go for classic pulp magazine stories. Whatever floats your boat, we don’t judge. Their catalog is here: but they also have a list of their Top 100 if that’ll help you get started

Similarly, Wikisource puts up public-domain writings, but maybe you like how it looks better. Their main page is here and check out their Literature portal here if you’re itching for some fiction:

Now that some broad resources are out of the way, here’s some more specific favorites of mine.

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has a PDF of his novel Warbreaker on his website.…/… Politics and intrigue abound in a court of the gods:…/Warbreaker_hardcover_1st…

Fantasy author Ursula Vernon serialized a novel called Summer in Orcus, it’s available on her website. A very poignant story about a girl helping to fix a poisoned world.

Ursula Vernon also wrote and illustrated a webcomic called Digger, which won her her first Hugo award. Highly recommended as a good read.

Another excellent, and still ongoing webcomic, is Girl Genius Online. In an alternate history where mad scientists–and their egos–can break the laws of physics, a young woman finds out her heritage.…

If you prefer to listen to your entertainment, I haven’t forgotten you. Try out the Magnus Archives, a horror anthology podcast about an organization in London that studies the paranormal. The first three seasons (forty episodes each) are available on YouTube, and there’s more on the various podcast apps, look it up.…

Do you have any recommendations? Post yours in the comments below, let’s try to put each other on the good stuff!

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